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About Us

Hi, we are Epic Training Sdn. Bhd. :)

Date of Incorporation: 11/07/2014
Company Registration No.: 1101355-M

MOF Registration:
We are currently using ProSkills Trainers' registration (no. 357-02132472) which is valid till 08/08/18. We will register directly for Epic Training in August 2018.

HRDF/PSMB Registration:
We are registered since 01/10/15. The registration no. is simply 1101355M.

Past, Present & Future

After serving the training market via ProSkills Trainers for 6 years, we have finally decided to upgrade ourselves to incorporated company status with Epic Training Sdn. Bhd. in July 2014.

While ProSkills focuses mainly on Public Speaking and Presentation Skills training and depends solely on one main trainer, we are now seeking to expand our repertoire of courses as well as list of trainers to cater to a wider market.

We will begin with courses which we are familiar with and gradually expand to cover more areas.

Organizing Framework for Courses

Our focus area is Soft Skills, or more specifically, Success Skills. For a mission or project to be successful, you will need people who have vision, people who can communicate well, and people who can work effectively. Success = Vision + Communication + Execution. Each of the 3 major areas are further broken down into 3 categories. This makes 9 categories of courses. The final 10th category is thrown in for completeness. Each category will be headed by a main trainer.

Here are the 10 categories:

Learning Skills (Vision)
Thinking Skills (Vision)
Planning Skills (Vision)
Speaking Skills (Communication)
Writing Skills (Communication)
Influencing Skills (Communication)
Working Skills (Execution)
Leadership Skills (Execution)
Management Skills (Execution)
Language Skills (additional category)

Each category consists of 5 standard topics/courses. These will be offered as public programmes and are also available for in-house training. For in-house training, other related courses are available upon request as well as customization on standard courses.

Full List of Courses